How to Bleed a Grease Gun: What You Need to Know

Whether you are a DIYer or working at a mechanical shop, a grease gun is one of the essential tools you need every now and then. It lubricates the equipment quickly and easily. There are various types of grease guns available out there. Though the process to bleed a grease gun might be similar to most grease guns, you must know the correct way to bleed out a grease gun that you are going to use.

So, are you eager to know how to bleed a grease gun? If so, then this article is just for you. But, before getting into the details about the steps to bleed a new grease gun, let’s focus on the grease gun first!

Know Your Grease Gun Before Bleeding a Grease Gun

From professionals, DIYers to home users, everyone is aware of what a grease gun is used for. This tool is generally used for lubricating equipment. These days’ professional mechanics, DIYers, and even general users use grease guns at workshops and garages. It is an important tool as well as a complex one to handle if you are a beginner. You have to be sure about certain terms to use them properly.

As you already know that there are versatile types of grease guns available. To have a profound understanding of your grease gun, below I am going to discuss the types briefly.

Air Grease Gun

The air grease guns are operated with air power. To bleed a pneumatic grease gun, compressed air needs to be passed through the gun using the hose. The pressure of the air will force grease through the nozzle.

Mini Grease Gun

The mini grease guns are very handy, portable, and easy to use. If you are looking for a grease gun to lubricate small-sized fittings, then mini grease guns would be suitable for the job.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun

The pistol grip grease gun is used for professional purposes, these grease guns are also popular for their heavy-duty usage and portability.

Battery Operated Grease Gun

Though battery operated grease guns are not powerful as electric grease guns, they are still suitable for large projects. This grease gun is popular for DIY projects. They are heavy, sturdy, and can be used hands-free. You can use the gun for indoor and outdoor lubricating jobs.

Though there is slight variation in grease gun types, they come assembled and ready to use after purchasing. The application procedure is also more or less similar. So, if you can learn how to bleed a pneumatic or air grease gun, you would be able to use any type of gun for lubrication.

Simple Steps to Follow for Bleeding a Grease Gun

To learn how to bleed a grease gun, you need to have an idea about its mechanism. The grease gun has an air bleed valve. A grease cartridge needs to be inserted into the gun before lubricating the equipment. After inserting the cartridge, as the gun trigger is pressed, the air gets captivated into the air space of the cartridge. The air helps the gun to bleed. Sounds complicated?

Let me explain in a simpler way.

Step 1: Remove the old cartridge

First of all, if your grease gun has any old cartridge inserted, you need to remove it to replace a new one. To remove the old cartridge, you need to pull the t-handle and the pull rod at a time. Then, take a screwdriver to unscrew the cartridge from the gun. As you remove the cartridge, some air gets trapped at the end of the cartridge.

Step 2: Insert a new cartridge

After removing the barrel, you will notice a cap on top of the cartridge. Open and cap and remove the cover. Then, insert the grease into the barrel. As you notice, the air gets out after insertion; push the t-handle with the pull rod. Finally, screw the barrel tightly with the grease gun.

Step 3: Bleeding the grease gun

Bleeding means removing air from the gun. While changing and replacing cartridges, you have already released most of the air. If you notice the existence of air after inserting the new cartridge, you can unscrew the barrel to loosen it a little bit and screw it again. This way, you will release more air. Then, press the air valve to bleed out the air. Finally, push the handle of the gun several times to create additional pressure to make the air bleeding out job easy for you.


Here are some tips to make the air bleeding job like a professional mechanic:

♦ Always wear protective gloves before handling a grease gun. The gloves should protect your hands.

♦ Keep the workstation clean and tidy.

♦ Make sure there is no chance of flames in your work area, as most lubricants are flammable.

♦ Clean the nozzle and other accessories before using the grease gun.

♦ Before using the grease gun, make sure all the fittings of the gun are tightly secured, and there are no loose fittings.

♦ Do not apply excessive pressure on the grease cartridge. Too much pressure will damage the cartridge and impact the lubricating performance.

♦ Always use high-quality and the correct type of lubricants. Refrain from using versatile types of lubricants in one grease gun.

♦ While using the grease gun, keep the tool at a safe distance from the equipment. Otherwise, you may apply too much lubricant in one place.

♦ After every use, clean the grease gun properly. It will help to restrict the air out of the cartridge. It will also increase durability and ensure better performance.

♦ After completing the grease gun use, keep the grease gun in a safe, cool, and dry place and, more importantly, out of children.

Final Words

I have come to the end of the article on how to bleed a grease gun. Bleeding a grease gun is very simple and easy, isn’t it? I am sure you will have no problem bleeding the air out of any grease gun from now on. After several tries, you will be confident and proficient in using a grease gun. I have also added some additional tips that will help to keep you safe and ensure the durability of the grease gun.

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