The 10 Best Air Grease Guns to Buy in 2023

Whether you are a professional mechanic or working on personal DIY mechanic projects, you must be looking for the best air grease gun for lubricating elements that can help to operate the projects smoothly.

Not only for projects, applying lubrication on machines and equipment is a common task for home and industrial purposes as well. And, with the high-quality grease gun, you can easily apply grease to the right spot at the right pressure.

Having said that, there are versatile types of air-powered grease guns available in the market, that it becomes extremely difficult to choose the one you need.

Hence, finding a good grease gun that would be suitable for your project requires hours of research and analysis to understand different features, mechanisms, performance, and so on.

Certainly, reading through pneumatic grease gun reviews and spending hours on finding air-powered grease guns is a time-consuming job. Thus, I have done the job easier for you.

In this article, I am going to review 10 of the best grease guns for air tools incorporating the key features, types, mechanism, benefit, the using procedure, and so on.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

Comparison of 10 Best Air Grease Guns

In a hurry? Or do not have the time to read all the products description? No worries. You'll be able to pick your required best air grease gun from the following table. I've made it look short and easier for your convenience.






# 1

6000 psi

# 2
4500 psi
# 3

6000 psi

# 4

4800 psi

# 5
Performance Tool

6000 psi

# 6

6000 psi

# 7

 6000 psi

# 8

 6000 psi

# 9

5800 psi

# 10

7500 psi

The 10 best air grease gun reviews

The air grease guns are designed with a special mechanism so that the user can apply lubricants easily, quickly, and efficiently. I spent 45 hours studying the air operated grease guns for my project.

The information and knowledge I have learned from research I would like to share with users like me. The products I have chosen are completely based on my research and include only authentic information.

1. Lincoln 1162 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun - Editor's Choice

Lincoln has been a popular brand manufacturing tool for agriculture, construction, industrial, and automobile service since 1910. Among all the grease guns from this brand, the lincoln 1162 air-operated grease gun is one of the most popular guns in the present market.

It's a fully automated pneumatic grease gun you can use for industrial purposes and automotive lubrication. The gun also has a variable speed trigger, so you can have control over the amount of grease it will dispense. It's also easy to load with the help of a filler coupler and air bleeder.

Additionally, for easy care and maintenance, the device comes with a check valve. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly grease gun for professional use, then the Lincoln air grease gun can be an ideal option for you.

Key features 

  • Includes 18 inches’ hose.
  • maximum grease pressure 6,000 psi.

What I liked 

  • Affordable price.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Convenient and comfortable to use.

What I did not like 

  • Does not come with a coupler.

2. Steinbrücke Heavy Duty Air Grease Gun

Are you looking for a long-lasting grease gun? Then check out this Steinbrucke automatic gun for professional use. It's a pneumatic gun that can continuously supply lubricant at 4500 PSI.

This range is suitable for lubricating automobile parts. Also, due to the air blender valve, you can control the grease flow and use only the amount you need. Additionally, for your comfort in long time use, the gun comes with a knurled barrel-shaped pistol grip.

Though it's designed for professional purposes, the mechanism is very easy to use for any user. You can easily refill and apply grease in tight spots as well.

Key features 

  • Maximum pressure 4500 psi.
  • Includes 8" reinforced flex hose.

What I liked 

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Durable construction.
  • Assures precise application.

What I did not like 

  • Quite heavy.
  • The installation process seems complicated.

3. Azuno Professional Air Grease Gun

Here is another professional air grease gun for you to compare. The Azuno pneumatic gun is designed to apply lubricant without any leakage easily. The gun can deliver grease at 6000 PSI which is enough for industrial and automotive use.

Moreover, the device is capable of loading grease in two ways. So, you can follow the method that seems convenient for you. More importantly, the ergonomic design and nonslip grip assure you won't have any fatigue using the gun for a long time.

Nevertheless, as you purchase the package, you will get all the necessary kits. So, you don't need to pay for additional accessories during use.

Key features 

  • Delivers up to 6000 PSI.
  • Features 3 ways loading system.

What I liked 

  • Easy to use and store. 
  • Designed to prevent leakage.
  • Comfortable and easy loading mechanism.

What I did not like 

  • May not be suitable for beginner or DIYers.

4. OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun

Though the Otc grease gun seems a bit expensive, the features and performance surely make the gun worth the price. The air-operated gun is made with durable material. Also, for continuous application, there is a large pumping chamber included in the tool.

With the 4800 PSI, you can apply the grease with the precise amount on any surfaces you want. You can also apply grease at a tight spot using the long hose. It's not only a sturdy gun but also designed to prevent leakage.

So, you will use the grease just the required amount. You can also use the gun for various projects like electronics, automotive, industrial, agriculture, and so on.

Key features 

  • Die-cast aluminum head.
  • Maximum pressure 4800 PSI.

What I liked 

  • Strong build quality.
  • Assures precise application.
  • Features large pumping chamber.

What I did not like 

  • Difficult to install.

5. Performance Tool M582DB Air Grease Gun

Are you searching for a multipurpose grease gun? If so, then check out this Performance tool air grease gun from Wilmar Corporation.

The company has been manufacturing innovative and high-quality tools since 1971. Among many of their creations, this performance grease gun is one of the popular choices for automotive, workshop, and marine projects. The device can deliver grease from 4500 PSI to 6000 PSI.

Moreover, you can load the grease in the cartridge or bulk filling method. And, for your comfortable use, the gun is knurled with a thick wall barrel. So, you can comfortably use the gun on any large or narrow surfaces.

Key features 

  • Delivers up to 6000 PSI.
  • Cartridge and bulk filling mechanism.

What I liked 

  • Easy to use.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Designed for various applications.

What I did not like 

  • Not suitable to prime.

6. Lumax LX 1160 Deluxe Air Operated Grease Gun

You can find innovative and user-friendly tools from Lumax. And, one of their best-selling air grease guns is Lumax LX 1160. To begin with, this gun is made of heavy-duty material.

Also, for easy grease application with safety, the gun comes with an ergonomic design and non-slip knurling. So, you can use the gun for priming and applying lubricant whenever you need it. Moreover, the device offers you a three-way loading system.

Hence, you can load grease in the cartridge, bulk, or suction method. Nevertheless, the grease gun is lightweight and easy to use so that you can apply grease with one hand.

Key features 

  • 3-way loading.
  • Max. Pressure 10,000 PSI.

What I liked 

  • Strong and durable.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Prevents discharge with rod lock mechanism.

What I did not like 

  • Suitable for occasional use.

7. Megaflint Professional Air Operated Grease Gun

Here is another professional grease gun you can use for multiple projects. This Megaflint grease gun is fully automated and easy to use. The grease comes with a complete package that includes hoses and other connectors.

For the users' comfort, the gun has a pistol grip with a knurled barrel. It will not only help you apply grease effortlessly but also apply grease continuously with 100 PSI air pressure. You can also load grease in three methods.

There is an air bleeder valve o prevent air pockets during grease insertion. You can also use this grease gun on various surfaces and hard to reach areas.

Key features 

  • Max pressure up to 6000 psi.
  • 3 Way loading mechanism.

What I liked 

  • Strong build quality.
  • Suitable for multiple projects.
  • Features ring sealing to prevent leakage.

What I did not like 

  • Difficult to remove the nozzle.

8. Horusdy Heavy Duty Air Powered Grease Gun

Horusdy has designed this pneumatic grease gun considering the users' convenience. Like most of the high quality grease guns, this gun assures grease pressure up to 6000 PSI. So, you can use it for regular use or DIY projects.

Also, to make the gun more versatile, it comes with a flexible hose and extension. Then, to use the gun for a prolonged time, it comes with an ergonomic pistol grip. It's also lightweight, and you can operate it with one hand.

Overall, it's a good quality grease gun you can use comfortably without causing any fatigue in your wrist.

Key features 

  • Includes 11" flexible hose.
  • Max grease pressure up to 6000PSI.

What I liked 

  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Durable construction with ergonomic design.

What I did not like 

  • Working PSI seems low for continuous use.

9. BestEquip Portable 20L Air Grease Pump Set

BestEquip brings this 5 gallon grease pump with outstanding features. If you are searching for an air grease pump for 5-gallon bucket, then you must check out this tool. It can contain 20L of grease at once.

So, you don't need to refill the pump frequently. Moreover, it can deliver 0.85L of lubricant per minute, which makes it a quick and efficient pump to complete the lubricating job in less time. Such a high-pressure grease pump is also made with zinc alloy material coated with chrome.

Moreover, with the gasket and air vent lid, the pump is protected from dust, leakage, and spill. Finally, the grease pump is suitable for automobiles, ships, and industrial jobs.

Key features 

  • Hose Length: 20 Ft.
  • Grease capacity: 5 gallon.

What I liked 

  • Portable grease gun.
  • Made with high-quality zinc alloy.
  • Suitable for large projects and regular use.

What I did not like 

  • Capacity might be too high for occasional use.

10. Lincoln 6917 Portable Air Operated Grease Pump

This lincoln pneumatic grease gun is another top-selling gun from this brand. This gun has been designed for professional use. So, if you are looking for a high-quality grease gun for regular use, then check out its features.

This portable gun is suitable to lubricate light and heavy vehicles. The device is a heavy-duty one that comes with a double-acting pump. The greasing volume and pressure rating make it a suitable gun for agriculture, construction, and other big projects.

As you purchase, you will get a grease control valve, universal swivel, follower plate, and so on. It's a complete package you can use for professional purposes.

Key features 

  • 7 ft pressure hose.
  • Includes double-acting pump.

What I liked 

  • Easy to use.
  • Assures quiet operation.
  • Lightweight and easily maneuver.

What I did not like 

  • Not recommended for small projects.

What are the must have things to consider before buying the best air grease gun? 

There are various types of a grease gun for air tools which come with versatile features and specifications. Depending on the project type and frequency of use, certain types and features are suitable.

So, how do you know which grease gun is the best one for you? You need to pay attention to some essential features to understand the quality and performance. Here I am discussing must-have features that would help you find the ideal pneumatic grease guns.


There are different types of grease guns in the market, such as pistol grip grease guns, lever grease guns, pneumatic grease guns, and cordless grease guns. Each gun is designed with certain capabilities. So, you need to choose the right one depending on the project you work on.


The durability of a grease gun depends on the material used for manufacturing the gun. You will find grease guns with metal bodies; these are strong and can withstand pressure. So, choose a grease gun that is built with high-quality material.

Size and Weight

If you are looking for an air grease gun for project work, then the chances are that you will use it frequently. Sometimes you may need to carry it to different places. Hence, it's important to choose a portable and easy to handle air grease gun. So, choose a pneumatic grease pump that is lightweight and comes in a compact size.

Maximum Operating Pressure (PSI)

By PSI rating, you can understand the amount of grease the machine will release with one press. If you are lubricating any clogged fittings, then you will need high PSI because the higher the PSI, the better and faster to cover a large surface. Nevertheless, the low-pressure gun is more suitable for a small area to apply grease with precision. Usually, an average air grease gun delivers from 1200 PSI to 6000 PSI. So, choose the PSI rating that is just above the pressure you need for your project.


The nozzle of the grease gun impacts how smoothly the grease will deliver. You will find two types of the nozzle. One is straight and short, and the other one is a flexible metal nozzle. The length may vary depending on the grease gun. If you need a grease gun to reach a tight spot, then you should choose the flexible nozzle.

Grease reloading mechanism

The mechanism of reloading grease is an important feature to consider. The grease guns are available with diverse reloading mechanisms such as cartridge loading, suction loading, and bulk loading. Compared to the three loading systems, cartridge loading is easier, convenient, but a bit expensive.

Whereas in the suction loading mechanism, you need to refill the gun manually. And, in the bulk loading method, you need a bulk loading coupler, fitting, filler pimp, and bleeder valve. It is the easiest and affordable loading system for an air-powered grease pump.


The durability of an air tool grease gun depends on the material used in the making. Certainly, you don't want to spend a high price on a product that won't serve you long. Compared to metal grease guns, plastic guns are less durable. So, be careful about the material of the grease gun to ensure durability.

Safety Features

Grease guns are a tool that you need to use regularly. So, you need to make sure it comes with the required safety features. Usually, in Europe, Canada, and made in USA grease guns tend to follow the safety standard while manufacturing their product. If your grease gun is from somewhere else, then it's recommended to read the product details first.

How does an air grease gun work? 

Up until now, you already know the air grease gun works with compressed air. To be more specific, the gun comes with two parts. One is the grease cartridge holder, and the other one is the pumping unit. The pumping unit is connected to the compressor using a hose so that it can supply the grease.

The cartridge of the gun has a spring that forces the grease through the pumping chamber. There is a trigger that is attached to the gun to supply the grease at the targeted spot. You can easily control the gun and direct the airflow with the trigger. So, as you push the trigger, the compressor will force the grease to pass through the chamber, and the nozzle will deliver the lubricant.

Benefits of using Air Grease Gun 

Naturally, most users think an air grease gun is for lubricating vehicles and machinery. This is true. However, have you ever thought that there are other benefits you can enjoy from an air grease gun? Probably not!

Here I am going to highlight some of the extraordinary benefits that an air grease gun can offer.

Waste prevention

The most essential benefit you can enjoy with a grease gun is you can use grease, oil, and any kind of lubricants. It means one device is suitable for multiple types of lubricant, which is a cost-effective solution. Moreover, with an air grease gun, you can control the amount of grease you are going to apply.

Normally, while applying grease with a hand or any other tool not only wastes a lot of greases but also makes the job messier. But, an air grease gun will help you from overflowing the product and use only the necessary amount.

Time Saving 

Whether you are working on a DIY project or industrial purpose, lubricating several parts, vehicles, or machinery becomes a time-consuming job. Because people are used to greasing these items with their hands.

But, when you have a pneumatic grease gun, you can do the job in a few minutes. So, you don't have to waste a whole day lubricating one vehicle. Thus, it has become a popular tool for automobile shops, personal and commercial purposes.

Precise application

One of the main reasons for using an air grease gun is you can apply lubricant just at the right spot. Since the gun comes with a nozzle, you can easily apply grease in narrow spots to a large surface. You just need to press the trigger, and the nozzle will pass the lubricant. You can also control the flow and change the direction if needed. So, the chances of creating a mess while applying grease are very minimal.

Cost effective

As grease guns are an effective lubricating tool, you can apply grease with accuracy and the right saturation. Thus, it not only saves your time but also saves the product. Moreover, it also increases the lifespan and reduces the repairing cost of the components you are lubricating. Hence, in one way, it's saving the repairing cost of the items as well as prevents the overuse of the product.

How to load and use an air grease gun? 

Without a doubt, air grease guns are an essential tool for mechanical projects and workshops. Since there is a wide diversity in grease guns, it might be confusing for many users to understand how to load and use them. Also, the pneumatic grease guns need to load manually.

So, if you are a beginner and have no knowledge about how to load the gun, here is your chance to have a basic idea. Having said that, the mechanism might be different depending on the type of grease guns you use, but the step-by-step instruction will help you have a general idea.

How to load the reservoir? 

Step 1 - Separating the barrel and the head

First, you need to separate the head and the barrel from the grease gun. You need to unscrew these two parts using a screwdriver. But, be cautious that you don't damage the parts during the process.

Step 2 - Inserting the grease

Now, you can insert the grease into the reservoir or load the grease from the bulk barrier. Inserting the grease from a bulk container is very convenient because you just need to put the open end inside the barrel. Then, you will have to pull the plunger rod, and it will automatically fill in the grease.

Step 3 - Removing the barrel

When the reservoir is filled, you need to remove the barrel from the container carefully. To do that, you just need to rotate the barrel so that it is separated from the dripping grease. Then, use a rag to wipe out the grease residue from the barrel as well as the reservoir.

Step 4 - Closing the barrel

As the barrel is filled with grease, you need to reattach the head and the barrel. At this point, you need to ensure the parts are properly sealed. Otherwise, you may face overflowing grease during use which will create a mess.

How to load the cartridge? 

Step 1: Removing the old cartridge

To remove the old cartridge, you need to secure the piston rod first. Usually, you need to move the rod sideways inside the barrel. Thus, it will not be able to move forward. As you secure the rod, you can remove the old cartridge easily.

Step 2: Inserting the new grease cartridge

After removing the old cartridge, you need to insert a new one. But, before that, clean the barrel properly so that you can insert the new cartridge smoothly and quickly. Once the barrel is clean and tidy, you need to push the cartridge inside. The seal of the cartridge should be parallel with the end of the barrel. After the insertion is complete, remove the seal from the open end.

Step 3: Reattaching the barrel

Now the new cartridge is loaded. At this point, you need to reattach the barrel to the head of the gun. You need to unscrew the parts slightly. Then, reposition the piston rod that you secured sideways and push it back inside the barrel. If you can do it perfectly, you will notice the air is dispersed, and the grease is passing towards the nozzle head. Refrain from pumping the gun; rather, screw the barrel and head tightly.

How to use an air grease gun? 

Now you know how to load the reservoir and cartridge. It's time to learn how to use the grease gun. Using an air-powered or pneumatic grease gun is very easy. The gun uses compressed air, which adds pressure to the piston. The air pushes the lubricant out of the coupler and passes it in the grease fitting. Now, press the gun trigger at the required proportion and apply the grease to the spot you need.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q) Which type of grease gun is best for automotive use?

Answer: Though it depends on how frequently you need to use the grease gum for automobile lubrication, the pneumatic grease guns are known to be the best for regular use.

Q) How to store a grease gun?

Answer: To store a grease gun, you need to store the cartridge in an upright position. It will prevent the gun from bleeding and separating. However, if the cartridge is already loaded, then clean it properly and store it horizontally.

Q) How much budget should I set for an air grease gun?

Answer: You will find air compressor grease guns at different prices within $20 to $70. Usually, the grease guns with $20 or less are average quality guns and come with limited nozzle options. But, the grease guns ranging from $25 to $70 are good quality guns and have the necessary features. Air grease guns higher than $70 are the best pneumatic grease gun that is manufactured for industrial and commercial uses.

Q) How much grease is dispensed with one pump?

Answer: Generally, a grease gun dispenses 0.8 to 3 grams of grease with one stroke. However, the amount may vary with different models.

Q) How do I choose a grease gun?

Answer: There are several features you need to consider choosing the right grease gun. You will find the essential features discussed in this article.

Final Verdict

An air grease gun is an essential tool for lubricating vehicles, mechanical equipment, bearing, fittings, and other components. Though there are other ways you can use for greasing, the grease gun helps to apply lubricant to the right spot without wasting much of the product.

Hence, through these 10 best air grease gun reviews, I have tried my best to recommend you the top quality grease guns for professional and personal projects. I hope you find the ideal grease gun for your project.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. We would be really happy to hear back from you.

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